Teachers appreciation Personal Training

For Busy Teachers Who Want To Get In Great Shape This Summer, Drop A Couple Sizes Or Tone Up, Boost Self Confidence, And Feel Stronger and More Alive Than Ever...


Teachers and School Staff,

I would like to invite you to participate in a very special summer fitness program designed just for YOU!  I really appreciate education, and I have the utmost respect for those that provide it.  With that, I'm offering cutting edge training, nutrition and support to help you transform your body over the summer.

Our fun, efficient and highly effective workouts will leave you feeling supercharged and ready to take on the day and week ahead.  Of course, you can expect to see major transformations in your body such as....

  • Melt off those "squishy" parts and build firm, tone muscles that look and feel great
  • Cinch your waistline and fit into those "skinny clothes" hiding in the back of your closet
  • Flatten your stomach, tighten & tone your arms, lift your butt, and build strong, lean legs
  • Boost your immune system and energy levels through the roof!

You CAN lose 10-20 pounds and feel better than ever this summer!

I believe educators are under-appreciated and underpaid.

So here is the Special Offer I'm making to show my appreciation for what you all do.

$219 for the 4 Week Program or $399 for the 8 Week Program

(regular price is $259 for 4-weeks )

But first you have to get the excuses out of your head!   Excuses like, 

"I'm to busy over the summer......

"I need to save money......

"I'm too stressed, so I eat more......

"I have all this camping and events I HAVE to attend......

"I want to enjoy myself during the summer......

"Family is more important......

"Why should I deprive myself......

These are all just excuses/rationalizations we tell ourselves because its easier!

What if you decided that your health and your body were the highest priorities in your life, because you realized that you can't enjoy anything else in life, including family, summer, or holidays, if you don't have your health?

Here's what would happen:  You'd get in better shape!

You can get in shape and enjoy the summer at the same time!  

It's just a matter of balance.

I'll show you how to burn the fat and feed the muscle!

Here's what you get:  

  • 3 Days a week Metabolic Fat burning Workouts that last 45 mins.
  • Off-Day workouts that can be done at home or use the gym!
  • Fitness for Life ProDiets Registered Dietitian Approved Meal Plan
  • Support
  • Guidance
  • Motivation
  • Accountablilty

​All I ask my clients to do is show up to all the workouts and follow my instructions.  If you do that,  your results are 100% predictable!  Now, before you assume my program is too hard for you keep this in mind.....This can be done by anyone, but you have to be fully committed to succeed!  All levels can do this program!  No one is already "in shape" when they get here.

Warning !!!

*I Do Not Accept Everyone who Applies because I am Investing in you and putting my reputation on the line.

*I Need to Ensure that you are Willing to give your Best Effort and can follow instructions

*I also Need to Make Sure that we can Work Together and that we are compatible as this is important for your success

Register now,  because we will need to meet and go over the program before you start.  You will need to call me (775)450-4556 for an appointment before you start on Monday, June 19th.   6-8 people Max to a Small Group.  The sessions are M-W-F  at 6,7,8 am, 12,1pm, and 5:30,6:30pm and they are 45 minutes long.  You will need to pick one time slot you can workout in, so the sooner you sign up, the better chance you will have at getting your time slot. STARTS JUNE 19TH!!

4-Week Program 1 payment of $219


8-Week Program 1 payment of $399